Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee


Senate District 28

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I support criminal justice reforms, if done mindfully. There are “non-dangerous” crimes that in fact are harmful to others, especially children. We would need to revisit the definitions of “dangerous” and “non-dangerous” and be very clear about the consequences of criminal acts. Under these presumptions I would support revisiting this law.


This again is another mindful reform I would undertake. Judges do have discretion under our sentencing laws. Minimum, presumptive and aggravating and mitigating factors. Much more policy work must be done to understand what needs to be changed and what makes sense to have in place.


We have truth in sentencing, judges and prosecutors and defense attorneys who do a good job. This is not a path I want to go down at this point. As always, I am open for discussions as to how this would fit into a comprehensive rewrite of our criminal code. We must also evaluate the resource demands, which would be extensive.